Where No Man Has Gone Before

“Where No Man has gone before” was the first episode of StarTrek to be shown in the UK on the BBC on 12th July 1969 – 43 years ago!

Startrek tech

Incredibly some of the technology in use by Kirk, Spock and company in that show no longer looks so fantastic. But we’ve already consigned flip phones to the tech dustbin, although Motorola hasn’t had that email yet. 

But we do have the iPad. Tablet computer style devices were in evidence on the USS Enterprise.

The Hypospray (needle less injections using high pressure air) actually pre dates Star Trek.

We’d all like a Phaser but so far the closest we have to this is the Tazer. Although laser guided plasma energy has been demonstrated, so we’re getting there.

How about the Universal Translator that enables every alien in the universe to speak English with an American accent. We haven’t yet got anything that translates any language you care to throw at it. But we do have devices that will translate predetermined languages using voice recognition. And of course Google will translate the written word on the internet for you. 

Probably the most useful gadget on the USS Enterprise was the TriCorder. This device that looked like a tricked out cassette player was able to sense almost anything good or nasty in the atmosphere. Able to home in on aliens, diagnose illness, disease and report the extent of injuries, this is the ultimate toy. Apart from the Phaser of course.
Researchers at Harvard Medical School, Loughborough University and NASA are working on developments that could revolutionise the way doctors diagnose disease using devices that McCoy and Spock would recognise.

Lastly the Transporter. No chance. At least not yet. 

Live long and prosper.