Hopefully you already know about this scam but this is the first time I’ve physically come across anyone who’s fallen for it. Last night a friend told me he’s having trouble with his email. A little back story. He’s just retired himself from a job within the educational sector where the computer he used and […]

It had to happen. Oracle left the door open for too long and the criminals have walked in. Email phishing campaigns have been spotted in the wild that take advantage of the Java vulnerability that has remained unpatched for 4 months. And when Oracle did finally issue an update it contained a flaw that will […]

What have Microsoft done to Skype since acquiring it last year that could possibly account for a huge 50% increase in usage over one quarter? The answer is nothing obvious. The desktop and mobile clients haven’t changed. The Windows Phone7 client has such a small user base it would have no impact on the numbers. […]