Malicious Android app developers are using a Google service that allows app developers to send messages to their applications installed on android devices. These messages can contain links, text advertisements or commands, and they cannot be blocked by users or mobile anti Virus programs. Cybercriminals use Google Cloud Messaging to control malware on Android devices […]

AV-Test has published the latest in it’s Windows security software test results, and they don’t make good reading for users of the most popular Anti Virus software suites, especially the free ones. AV-Test looks at three categories in its tests, and scores them out of six points each. Protection gauges how well a suite blocks […]

Many users of Yahoo Mail are experiencing an increase in spam over the last day or so. This isn’t the usual spoofed email spam we all see, this appears to be coming from logged in Yahoo accounts. In other words it would appear that some Yahoo accounts have been hacked. Time to change your Yahoo […]

Large businesses around the world, including the UK have been hit by this amusing for some piece of malware.It causes the printer to spew out reams of gibberish until the paper runs out, the power is cut or someone attacks the printer with a large iron bar. The malware as usual is loaded into Windows […]