Malicious Android app developers are using a Google service that allows app developers to send messages to their applications installed on android devices. These messages can contain links, text advertisements or commands, and they cannot be blocked by users or mobile anti Virus programs. Cybercriminals use Google Cloud Messaging to control malware on Android devices […]

Looks like it’s worse than just bloody annoying. According this piece on Gadgetica, Android and iPhone users report their address book contacts being replaced by Facebook email addresses. If this happens to you and you don’t notice, you could send emails to inboxes that never get checked. The Facebook Email Fiasco is worse than we […]

Steve Jobs was right after all, but really we all knew that anyway. Adobe Flash in Mobile browsers is heading for the tech graveyard. So Android users will no longer be able to crow about superior video capabilities over iOS users. We’re all going HTML5 and that’s no bad thing. Adobe Won’t Support Flash in […]