Skype usage up 50% under Microsoft – How? Why?

What have Microsoft done to Skype since acquiring it last year that could possibly account for a huge 50% increase in usage over one quarter?

Skype logo

The answer is nothing obvious. The desktop and mobile clients haven’t changed. The Windows Phone7 client has such a small user base it would have no impact on the numbers.

The Skype to Skype service itself works the same as ever, video calls just about hold up on the average consumer broadband connections and VOIP calls just work. Although call quality hasn’t improved lately.

Microsoft have just reported their first quarterly loss since 1986, so sugaring the quarterly earnings report with a some positive news makes sense.

But the question remains, why? As commenters here say, it was probably a trend already in place before Microsoft bought it.

Skype usage up 50% under Microsoft – Neowin: