Shock Horror Probe not everyone uses the internet.

Todays shocking news of the mass killings in a movie theatre in Colorado has caused a number of people to go looking for the killer, named by police as James Holmes, on social networks.

Does not compute

The assumption is that someone crazed enough to do such a thing usually telegraphs it in some way on Facebook, Twitter or some other online forum.

A number of people on Facebook and elsewhere share the same name as the suspect but they’re all innocent. So far no trace of James Holmes has been found anywhere online. Speculation is that he posts online under an assumed name or a simple “Handle”. This is entirely possible of course.

Something will eventually turn up, even if it’s only remotely connected to the suspect. But at the moment the online community is calling him an online mystery, a ghost.

But surprising as it may seem to those online Sherlocks, immersed as they are in the world of technology,

not everyone uses the internet.