Search Engines, or Yellow Pages?

Two facts.

  • 1. Yellow Pages is a lot smaller than it used to be. In fact it’s now even too small to be an effective door stop.
  • 2. Google, Yahoo and Bing are where people go instead.

I’ve been banging on about this for what seems like an eternity, but shopping comparisons and service searches are done on-line, not in the phone book or Yellow Pages.

People use search engines to find the exact product or service they want to purchase.

They may well have searched the high street first to get an eyeball, or even a hands on, on the product they are interested in. But it’s Google they use to find the best deal, and then it’s the online retailer that gets the sale.

It’s the same with services. If you’re in the service industry, like us, then make sure you present the right business like image. Your next client will probably come to you via your website from a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing.