Search Engine Optimisation? When? How? Who?

The cost of web hosting and domain registration has fallen significantly making the setting up of an online business or just getting your business website online very easy.

However, getting it right and getting visitors isn’t.

Website this way

The success of your website depends not only on the number of visitors you get but how many of them you convince to employ your services or buy your products. And when millions of websites compete for the same eyeballs, how can you ensure that your site gets the visibility it desperately needs?

SEO or search engine optimisation is the answer. By optimising your site for search engines and human visitors alike you improve your chances of being found. SEO is not rocket science, however experience is essential to implement it properly.

And that starts with a properly constructed website containing text pertinent to not only your business but also the search queries used by potential clients looking for your services.

Each page of your website must be unique with unique content and page titles and descriptions relevant to that content. Keywords and phrases relating to the page content and your business need to be used in the body text in key areas of the page and enclosed in the correct tags.

It’s no good doing all this after the event, the website needs to be constructed correctly in the first place with all the right body text, keywords, page titles and description tags. Your web master or web designer should do this as part of the job. It can always be tweaked later as results unfold. Too many new websites lose out on the initial search engine indexing because they are missing these vital ingredients or they are being used incorrectly.

This is why you should always employ a professional web developer to put your business website on the web. A web developer who can not only give you a good looking optimised website, but one that can also write, spell and has a working knowledge of proper grammar. Your image on the web is important, Don’t let your web developer spoil it with badly written copy.

We work with our clients to put together good quality body text with keywords and phrases that properly describe their business services.

Because the text on the web page is the most important tool to get visitors to your website and tell them why you are the very person or business they are looking for, make sure you and your web developer get it right.