Just call us Wah-Way.

I’ve got one of these useful devices. It’s a MiFi.

Put a data sim card in, fire it up and it sets up WiFi network and connects to the cellphone data network. I can then connect my phone or laptop to the Wireless network and access the internet when I’m away from home, or in an area where my phone network, Orange, doesn’t have a 3g signal. I use Three sim cards in the MiFi in the UK butThree mifi¬†although it’s branded Three mine is unlocked so I can use any network.

I’ve used it in several countries as well as here in the UK.

It’s manufactured in China by Huawei, a major manufacturer of mobile phones sold under several brand names except its own.

But that may be about to change as Huawei intends to start selling under its own name.

But that presents it with a bit of problem. Up to now no-one outside China knew how to pronounce Huawei.

It’s Wah-Way.


  1. Morgan

    In Chinese, the sound “W-ah” means “I”, so, in the slogany sense, Wah-Way = My Way.

    This is a good solution for the problem American’s have pronoucing Huawei. The true pronunciation is Hwahway (yes, you blend the H and W sounds together. More precisely, the “Hwah” part is drawn out, and the “way” part is cut short.).

    By the way, I just got the Ascend P1 (Love it). I have heard these are rebranded in America, but mine isn’t. “Huawei” is written on the front and on the back it’s got the Huawei name and logo.