In the internet age recorded music is too expensive.

I don’t know about you but I’ve pretty much given up on CD’s. I can’t recall when I last bought one and I have a whole stack of them here which never get played as they have all been imported into iTunes.

The music industry is facing serious problems, it’s seeing income decline along with music sales, and blames the Internet for this.
It’s not wrong of course, the main music buying public is now the YouTube generation. They find music on YouTube, Spotify and others, they don’t need the radio, TV or MTV to find their music any more. And this has seriously impacted on the record labels ability to promote lucrative content.

It’s generally acknowledged now that the only real option for musicians to earn a living is by live performances. Ticket sales and merchandise to bump up the declining income.
They also have the option of not even signing to a label and just distributing their own material  through iTunes. This is proven to make more money for the artist per album sale than a signed artist relying on the industry distribution chain.

Broken cd

But if “musicians” are forced to earn a living performing live that is going to seriously impede many of the current crop of chart acts who can’t hold a tune in a bucket.
Fortunately for the music industry, and us listeners, there are currently some very talented singers out there, mostly female and Jessie J is one, who will hopefully keep on giving for many years. Both live and recorded. But there is a whole host of garbage that should and will be instantly forgotten. Much of it should never have been allowed out of whatever bedroom it was recorded in.

Live performance poses a problem for the record industry though.
How does it make money from a live performance?
By selling CD’s or MP3’s at the gig? It’s having trouble selling those now.

There are a number of factors contributing to the decline in music sales. Content quality is one of them. Price is another. 
In the internet age recorded music is too expensive.