How safe are Wi-Fi Hot Spots.

How safe can you make it, is basically the answer

WiFi hotspotHackers can easily offer up a fake hotspot with a genuine looking name, but it’s unlikely to be password protected. That open network may look enticing  but you’re best giving it a miss unless you want your passwords stolen, your social networks hacked and your bank account emptied.When you’re out and about with your smartphone or tablet you want to keep in touch with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Or check your emails, look up something on Google or check your bank account. But you don’t want to eat into your precious data allowance. Especially if you’re travelling overseas. So you jump on to a convenient WiFi hot spot in the cafe or hotel.
But how safe is that?
That very much depends on you.

Here are some tips to stay safe.

Make sure your phone is secure, switch off the wireless connection when you’re not using it. Turn off Bluetooth as well.
Make sure you have good passwords to all your social networks, email, banks etc. And make them unique for each application. If you have difficulty remembering them all get a password manager like 1Password or LastPass.
Ensure the WiFi hotspot is genuine and encrypted. Never assume it is just because the name looks legit.
Ask the manager of the cafe or Hotel etc. to confirm the network name and password.
While you’re online use encrypted https prefix for websites, not http. 

Sensible precautions like these should keep your data safe.

And use the lock screen password on your phone just in case you lose it. That will make it at least difficult for anyone to get in and steal your information or use up all your minutes phoning friends and family in foreign parts.