All Android phones are not created equal. Good article goes into detail about the machinations involved in getting the latest version of Android onto Android based mobile phones. Yes ‘Android based’ mobile phones, that’s important because almost all so called Android phones come with an operating system ‘based’ on Google’s Android. Even new phones often […]

AV-Test has published the latest in it’s Windows security software test results, and they don’t make good reading for users of the most popular Anti Virus software suites, especially the free ones. AV-Test looks at three categories in its tests, and scores them out of six points each. Protection gauges how well a suite blocks […]

It had to happen. Oracle left the door open for too long and the criminals have walked in. Email phishing campaigns have been spotted in the wild that take advantage of the Java vulnerability that has remained unpatched for 4 months. And when Oracle did finally issue an update it contained a flaw that will […]

Passwords are never as secure as we like to think. Thousands of wifi networks for example are still “secured” with the default password that came with the router. If yours is one of them, change it now, the instructions came with the device but you can certainly find them on the web if you foolishly […]