Malicious Android app developers are using a Google service that allows app developers to send messages to their applications installed on android devices. These messages can contain links, text advertisements or commands, and they cannot be blocked by users or mobile anti Virus programs. Cybercriminals use Google Cloud Messaging to control malware on Android devices […]

How safe can you make it, is basically the answer Hackers can easily offer up a fake hotspot with a genuine looking name, but it’s unlikely to be password protected. That open network may look enticing ┬ábut you’re best giving it a miss unless you want your passwords stolen, your social networks hacked and your […]

Absolutely right. I’ve been advocating this for years. You want to get on Facebook or Twitter, Lie. Lie about your age, lie about your occupation, lie about your location, even, if you must, lie about your sex.You can even use a false name, although that goes against Facebook’s rules, what the hell does it matter […]

Hopefully you already know about this scam but this is the first time I’ve physically come across anyone who’s fallen for it. Last night a friend told me he’s having trouble with his email. A little back story. He’s just retired himself from a job within the educational sector where the computer he used and […]